About Us

Mission Statement
With God's guidance, we shall efficiently manage our company to fulfill its obligations to our
customers,employees, partners, suppliers and communities with an attitude of fairness, integrity,
truth and the
building of good will.
ERIE's Core Values
We believe a company can not experience long-term success without the development of
interdependent partnerships with customers, suppliers and employees.

Therefore we commit ourselves to:

ERIE's Commitments
As a result of increasing demands for product innovation and custom processing options, ERIE has remained focused on commitments in quality, superior value and customer service. While ongoing
expansion has brought many changes to Erie Foods International, our commitment to basic
business principles outlined in our mission statement has not changed.
Commitment To Quality
ERIE's commitment to quality assurance begins with our raw material suppliers. We work as a team
tomonitor and maintain product quality and consistency. When raw materials arrive at one of our warehouses, complete testing is required before a decision is made regarding suitability for use
within a specific production facility.

Once the raw materials are approved for processing, our equipment and monitoring systems assure
that the integrity of the product is not compromised in any way. Finally, the finished product is
precision tested before being shipped to our customers.
Commitment To Superior Value
ERIE's name has become synonymous with superior value as a result of working closely with food developers to help design food products and processing systems that satisfy specialized demands
in functionality, nutritional composition and physical/chemical requirements.
Commitment To Customer Service
Our global network is structured to respond quickly and efficiently to supplier and customer
demands for technical assistance, proven custom processing, and timely deliveries. With offices,
production sites and affiliated companies throughout the world, ERIE continues to maintain its
efforts to provide superior products and services to the global marketplace.

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