Agglomeration is the process of forming large particles from fine powders. The resultant product is a free flowing, dispersible, and compressible dust-free powder. There are many advantages to combining a number of ingredients through agglomeration to create a single more homogeneous end product.

ERIE offers both Pilot Scale Agglomeration and High Volume Agglomeration systems. Both options are equipped with continuous Schugi Agglomeraters which allow developers the ability to bring unique and value added products to the market quickly.

Schugi Agglomeration allows active or key components to be added to a base mix or carrier through very controlled liquid addition ports in the system.

Common characteristics of agglomerated products are medium to low density, improved flowability, improved dispersibility, reduced dusting, and a porous grape cluster like shape.

Full Scale Schugi Agglomeration System

•Allows for cost-effective and continuous processing of a full range
of food and nutraceutical-type applications.

•Produces outputs from 2,500-3,000 pounds per hour per system.

Pilot-Scale Schugi Agglomeration System

Processes sweeteners, starches, functional foods, stabilizers,
Nutraceuticals and other value-added products.

Is available for scale-up and development with a variety of raw
materials and binding agents,with little or no loss in product recovery.

Fully enclosed and is designed to run both batch and continuous processes.

Scalable to ERIE's larger, high-volume production systems.

•Produces outputs from 100-300 pouds per hour

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