Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate is a common substance found as rock in all parts of the world and is the main component of shells of marine organisms and snails as well as eggshells.It is estimated that the mineral accounts for more than 4% of the Earth's crust and is found in many different geological environments.

Calcium Carbonate can be found naturally in chalk, marble, and limestone and is an active ingredient in agricultural lime. It is widely used in pharmaceutical applications as a cost effective dietary calcium supplement or antacid. It is also used as an inert filler for tablets and other pharmaceuticals.
Calicum Carbonate is generally the most cost effective and most widely used calcium supplement. Most of all calcium supplements sold in the US are made from calcium carbonate. Calcium Carbonate is also used frequently in antacids. In addition to pharmaceutical and health applications, Calcium Carbonate is found in products such as baking powder, toothpaste, dry-mix dessert mixes, dough and wine.

Calcium Carbonate has been found to be safe and is used to supplement daily calcium intake. The recommended calcium intake for adults is in the range of 1,000 to 1,300 milligrams daily, depending on age, gender, and personal circumstances. It is also the most concentrated calcium supplement and has about twice as much elemental calcium by weight as calcium citrate. Therefore, it requires smaller tablets to achieve a given dose.

Great care is taken at ERIE to maintain a high level of quality and to meet our customer's expectations. We offer a complete line of direct compression Calcium Carbonate which meets California's Proposition 65 lead requirements and has extremely reliable consistency which is achieved through a continuous agglomeration system.

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