JOB LOCATION:                 1201 S. MAIN ST, ROCHELLE, ILLINOIS 61068

JOB TITLE:                          QUALITY MANAGER

JOB REQUIREMENTS: B.S. degree in food science or foreign degree equivalent.

JOB DUTIES: Strictly adhere to all company policies pertaining to such issues as
Safety Procedures, Good Manufacturing Practices, and Human Resource issues
and ensure laboratory operates in accordance with Good Laboratory Practices.

Coordinate lab staff to complete microbiological, analytical and physical testing
and implement new methods.

Interpret and report results in order to assist in qualifying raw materials for
production and finished materials for shipment.

Coordinate calibration and maintenance of lab and process testing equipment
and troubleshoot in instances of out-of-specification results.

Purchase consumables and laboratory equipment.

Coordinate self-audits and check sample program.

Coordinate external testing, custom processing testing, testing for upcoming
weekly orders, and quarterly testing of raw and finished products

Investigate and respond to customer complaints.

Assist with laboratory budget and identify opportunities for increasing efficiencies
and reducing costs.

Assist with visits from customers and state and federal regulatory organizations
(FDA, USDA, Illinois Department of Health, etc.) and customer and regulatory audits.

Complete and send certificates of analysis (COA’s) to customers as needed.

Sample incoming raw material, finished materials and return merchandise authorization (RMA's) as needed.

Manage the HOLD/Release file and disposition of all finished, raw and packaging materials.

Manage master sanitation schedule, personnel and coverage needing completing (quarterly, annual etc.).

Write and review standard operating procedures (SOP's) and sanitation standard operating procedures (SSOP's) as required.

Manage Environmental Swabbing Program as well as out of specification (OOS) reports and testing.

Manage and check all incoming supplier certificates of analysis (COA's).

Review production packets for release of products.

Complete supplier audits as required.

Manage pest control activities as required.

Oversee quality of materials from third party labs.

Other duties as assigned. 

TRAVEL:   Only incidental travel, Northwest Illinois Nonmetropolitan Area

CONTACT:  James M. Klein, Chief Operation Officer-

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