Casein is a milk protein that has found use in many food products. It is considered a complete protein because of its excellent amino acid profile which is essential to human nutrition. Casein and caseinates rank high both in their protein efficiency ratio (PER) and chemical score, registering values much higher than those of vegetable proteins.
Casein provides a rich amino acid supply for
the human body. Casein is slowly digested and
this property makes it optimal for consuming
during the day in the form of a dairy product or
as a protein shake.
Edible Grade Acid Casein
Edible Grade Acid Casein is obtained by separating, washing and drying the acid-precipitated coagulum of skimmed milk. Edible acid casein is low in fat and carbohydrates, exhibits a good flavor profile and excellent nutritional properties which make it ideal for medical and nutritional applications. It is also used in coffee whiteners, processed cheese, and various applications.
Technical Casein
Technical Casein has found use since the 19th century in commercial applications to manufacture adhesives, water based paints, binders, protective coatings for paper and cardboard, plastics and textiles. Although these applications have been primarily replaced by petroleum-based over the years, the production of casein for industrial usage is still prevalent throughout the world.

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