Why Choose Milk Proteins?

Milk Proteins are a natural and nutritionally
complete protein source.

Milk Proteins meet the increasing consumer demand for
more healthy products. They are a nutritional source for
functional control that maintain a clean consumer accepted
label statement. They are considered complete because
of their excellent amino acid profile which is essential to
human nutrition. Infants, children, adults and the elderly
can benefit from a dietary regimen which includes high
quality milk proteins.

Because of their superior amino acid profile, milk proteins
serve as the U.S. government standard against which all
other protein is measured. Casein and caseinate rank high
both in their protein efficiency ratio (PER) and chemical
score registering values much higher then those of
vegetable proteins.
The following charts show the superior protein efficiency ratio and chemical score of casein as compared to soy protein isolate (SPI) and wheat gluten (WG)

Milk Proteins are a multifunctional food ingredient. A clean, bland flavor also enhances their ability to be
used in a variety of applications. Milk Proteins exhibit capacity for emulsification, water binding,
stabilization, heat stability, viscosity, solubility, body and mouthfeel. These functional properties allow
food products to be designer and formulated to reduce fat and cholesterol.

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