In September 2004, ERIE opened our Australian office.  The Erie Group of companies enables Erie Australia to source ingredients and draw upon a
broad base of expertise within the international food industry, utilizing ERIE’s 80+ years of experience
in ingredients manufacturing.

A primary focus for Erie Australia is the supply of agglomerated ingredients, which allow for a free-flowing, dispersible, and compressible dust-free powder.  These characteristics create a more homogeneous end product, and the agglomeration system is often used in instantizing.

ERIE supplies a large volume of Agglomerated Calcium Carbonate, which is one of the most cost effective and
widely used calcium supplements. In addition, this product is used frequently in antacids.  ERIE can provide a wide range of agglomerated Calcium Carbonate products with reliable consistency, which is achieved through our continuous agglomeration systems.

Key Points on Our Agglomeration:

•Free-flowing, compressible, dust-free powder

•Homogeneous, instantized products

•Can use a variety of raw materials
and binding agents

•Fully-enclosed, pharmaceutical-grade
manufacturing process

•Applications include sweeteners, starches,
functional foods, stabilizers, nutraceuticals,
and other value-added products

•Facility houses both a pilot production line
and ERIE's larger, high-volume
production systems

Our Schugi Agglomeration Systems combine powdered and liquid ingredients in a high shear environment.  Active or key components can be added to a base mix or carrier through precisely controlled liquid addition ports in the system. 
The high speed contact of the mixer yields uniformparticles with a short residence time, creating relatively porous granules that
are easily dispersed.  The agglomerates are then dried in a fluid bed dryer.
examples of
products are
drink mixes,
for health applications, and a variety of other food and specialty products. Erie
’s staff of experienced food technologists can work with you to develop agglomerated products tailored to your needs.

Characteristics of Agglomerated Products

•Medium to low density

•Improved flowability

•Improved dispersibility

•Reduced dusting

•Porous grape cluster-like shape.

We look forward to being of service to you.

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