Erie Europe is a leading, full service, international supplier of quality dairy ingredients. Erie Europe joined Erie Group International in 2001. Since then, Erie Europe has grown to reach customers and suppliers across more than 67 countries on 6 continents.

Erie Europe’s wide range of products and services, supported by a full time technical support staff, affords customers and suppliers the ability to run smooth approval processes for numerous ingredients. In addition, due to the large base of quality ingredient suppliers, Erie Europe can remain a long term supplier regardless of the economical or political environment of each country in which Erie Europe conducts business.

Range of Products
Skim Milk Powder MH, LH, HHHS, UHT
Full Cream Milk Powder Regular, Instant, UHT
Fat Filled Milk Powder
Dairy Blends
Acid Casein
Rennet Casein
Milk Protein Concentrates 70, 85
Whey Protein Concentrates and Isolates
Butter, Lactic, Sweet Cream
Anhydrous Milkfat
Pure Ghee
Sweet Condensed Milk 1 kg tin
Evaporated Milk 70g, 170g
Long Life Yogurt
Long Life Milk
Agglomerated Calcium Carbonate

Applications for Ingredients

Fermented Products
Ice Cream
Recombined Milk
Bakery Products
Coffee Whiteners
Health Supplements
Nutritional Beverages and Bars
Shelf Stable Drinks

Erie Europe’s everyday goal is to manufacture
and market products that provide superior quality
and value to every customer with the highest
level of satisfaction. As a result of this goal,
Erie Europe is recognized as a leading global
supplier of ingredients, private label products, and custom processing services for the food industry.

With a focus on quality and a long standing
commitment to transparency between the supply
base and end users, customers and suppliers can
know they are receiving top quality products and
support from Erie Europe.

Africa, North Africa (Morocco, Algeria),
Central &South America

Europe, North Africa (Egypt, Libya, Tunisia),
Middle East, Turkey, Russia, Asia

Africa, Europe, Russia

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